Bare & Soup

A time to gather, wholeheartedly.


The Experience

An intentional dining experience designed for women of colour to share, engage and create meaningful connections with one another. We invite women to gather over food, to meditate and to talk.



The Villij Bare and Soup event was simply beautiful. I am so happy to have joined this community event & met the team lovely ladies behind The Villij.I have been in many communities especally wellness spaces and Ive never felt this safe. I mentioned to the ladies how the simplicty of the event really spoke to me ,inspired me in my personal and professional life.i really appreciated this experience.I walked away from this event with some genuine connections.I cant wait till the next event.
— Brittany
Bare & Soup was my introduction to the beautiful people behind (and belonging to) The Villij. I immediately felt welcomed by the community that Kim and Shanelle have brought together, and I feel greatful to be part of such a nurturing space .
— Bissy