4 Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Flu season is upon us and unlike any other season this one will look different. With the added pandemic, it’s all the more important to maintain your immunity and health.

Here are 4 amazing immune-boosting ingredients to add to your everyday.


This super spice is great to add to all things, from food to your face (it’s that good!). With lots of research to back it up, this spice has been used for centuries to cure ailments. Turmeric is grown in Southeast Asia and you may be familiar with turmeric as the vibrant yellow color from curry powder. It adds a punch to your food andis an inflammation fighter that helps to boost our immune systems, potentially decreasing our chances of getting sick. 


Garlic is one of those foods that we usually do not pay any mind to that adds all the flavour to our favourite recipes. However, this vegetable has been around for many centuries and used to cure infections due to its antimicrobial properties. We usually just add it to our meals as a step in our cooking process and then move on to the star ingredient. However, garlic has a lot of benefits that are important to note,like lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and oxidative stress.


Ginger is a beautiful spice that is used in everything from teas, sauces, and stews. It has a very strong aromatic smell and is perfect to add to any dish that you are looking to add a little kick to. The added heat that you get from ginger is great to sip on as a tea if you are having digestive upset, or for a cold day as it warms you from the inside out. 


Loaded with vitamin C and packing a punch of flavour, this citrus fruit can bring any dish to life. It’s versatile enough that it can be used in dips, added to water first thing in the morning for a jumpstart to your metabolism, or the zest in a lemon meringue pie— the options are endless. The vitamin C found in lemons  is water-soluble, meaning that it can get around in our bodies easily, flowing with the water-like environment and keeping free radicals in check. 

Bonus tip: Sleep! Sleep is the time when our body itself gets to rest and this is important so that it is not working overtime and gets what it needs to reset itself. 

Looking for more tips? Watch this video with Nutritionist Keren Chen

Sadé Thomasos is a Vancouver native, who has recently relocated to New York City. She is a Holistic Nutritionist specializing in gut health and inflammation. Sadé discovered holistic nutrition after struggling with serious digestive issues and cystic acne. For her, food became her healing. Today, she offers tools for a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle.


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