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The Villij is a wellness club empowering women of colour to nurture their physical, mental & emotional health.

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The Villij builds relatable wellness tools and experiences that affirm women of colour. We strive to eliminate the stressors and adversity they face in cultivating well-being. 

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Our Story

Committed to redefining well-being for themselves, Kim Knight and Shanelle McKenzie founded The Villij as a wellness community for women of colour to feel seen and heard. Most importantly, they created a space for women of colour to show up as their true self.

Through The Villij, the women have found their purpose. Kim and Shanelle continue to lead a new wave of wellness that fosters inclusion, health and well-being.

The Values That Drive Us

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Creating conditions for fair access and participation to health and wellness resources.


Building an environment of a shared sense of belonging.


Offering empowered education to help women make better decisions related to their well-being.


It Takes a Villij

Meet our team of wellness visionaries


Kim Knight

Co-Founder &
Head of  Strategy

Our lead visionary and strategist, Kim is a passionate homemaker. She invests in herself by setting boundaries and investing in supportive, reciprocal relationships.

Shanelle McKenzie

Co-Founder &
Director of Community

The ultimate homegirl. Shanelle ensures that we offer the best experiences to our community. Her wellness practices include listening to music, going for walks and lighting a candle.

Latonya Greaves

Mental Health &
Trauma Specialist

Spiritual and compassionate, Latonya loves journaling, essential oils and her daily Jesus time. As a mental health specialist, she strives to be well in mind, body and spirit.

Tatiyanna Williams-Britton

Digital Creative

A genius visualizer. Tatiyanna enjoys creating visual representations of what it means to be well within communities of colour. Being present allows her to experience life in its essence, the joys, the tears and everything in between.

Faith Okeke


Faith is a natural storyteller and certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. She is interested in excavating every part of our being and meeting them with grace, love and compassion. Faith believes wellness needs to be supportive, always.

Bissy Waariyo

Research Manager,
Health & Wellness

Bissy is all about building intentional relationships and centering women of colour’s wisdom. Her daily self-care practice includes gentle reminders to focus on her own desires – a concept she admits is still foreign to her.

Benita Kandathil


Invested in her journey to self-discovery, Benita is believes in the power of building relationships and community. She enjoys journaling, spending time with family, decorating and cooking as a way to feel grounded and whole.