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trapsoul yoga

A wellness experience

Relax, release and recharge to the flavourful sounds of TrapSoul music.

TrapSoul Yoga is a soulful and inclusive wellness event for women of colour that offers a unique self-care experience. Featuring hits from SZA, Daniel Caesar and more, TrapSoul yoga fuses art and culture with an emphasis on self-love and self-empowerment. This event takes place in a closed and intimate setting. 

TrapSoul Yoga Montreal. Photo by Catherine Ong.

TrapSoul Yoga Montreal. Photo by Catherine Ong.

TrapSoul Yoga Montreal. Photo by Catherine Ong. 

TrapSoul Yoga Montreal. Photo by Catherine Ong. 


The Experience

After a 60 mins yoga session, led by a certified Yoga Instructor of colour, we invite attendees to join us for an open and honest discussion surrounding the experiences of women of colour. Everyone is encourage to talk, create new relationships and genuinely enjoy the safe space we've created.

TrapSoul Yoga is also beginner friendly. 



It was beautiful seeing women of colour doing something I really enjoy and I’ve never seen it like this before.
— Deshawna
One thing I felt — community, a sense of community. It was very comforting.
— Nike
I felt like I belonged at TrapSoul Yoga. Usually, when I go to a yoga studio, I feel intimidated because the people seem to be such pros, and the majority of them seem to be white. So, even though they were always super friendly and inviting, it felt like there was a separation between us. In this class, that feeling was not there because everyone around me was like me. I really liked that because it helped me focus on myself rather than anyone or anything else.
— sabah
For all of my years practicing yoga and pilates, I’ve never been in a studio with more than even five WOC. To be in a room full of WOC during my practice was extremely special. I kept on thinking, “I wish I had brought my sister! And my mom!”
— Jasmine

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