TrapSoul Yoga

Designed for women of colour to be well and to belong.


The Experience

Discover and connect with oneself and community through a 60-minute immersive practice including music and essential oils followed by meaningful conversations.

All levels are welcomed.



It was beautiful seeing women of colour doing something I really enjoy and I’ve never seen it like this before.
— Deshawna
One thing I felt — community, a sense of community. It was very comforting.
— Nike
I felt like I belonged at TrapSoul Yoga. Usually, when I go to a yoga studio, I feel intimidated because the people seem to be such pros, and the majority of them seem to be white. So, even though they were always super friendly and inviting, it felt like there was a separation between us. In this class, that feeling was not there because everyone around me was like me. I really liked that because it helped me focus on myself rather than anyone or anything else.
— sabah